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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I believe I have mentioned before that I am taking an online class to become qualified in Primary education which will enable me to teach grades exciting. I was initially very excited to take this course because I have spent so many years in the intermediate division that I had really forgotten a lot about teaching the little ones. I figured that this course could also really help with my grade 4 planning and programming, especially in the start of the year when the students are still essentially grade 3's.

The course has been going on for almost three weeks now and most of it has been an exercise in frustration. We have required to do the assigned readings, post answers to the questions and then comment on our fellow classmate's answers- easy peasy. But.... we are also required to work in groups to create a unit of study for one the assigned grades. I have done an online course before and online group work is not so fun, this experience has been no exception.

Long story short-

First, we had to pick the subjects and the expectations we wanted to cover for the assignment. I went through the curriculum documents and posted some that I thought would work. My two partners posted that they agreed. No discussion. No suggestions. Nothing.

Second, we had to create an enduring understanding and a big idea that would focus our lesson. I threw out some very vague statements that weren't very good. My partners posted that they agreed. No discussion. No suggestions. Nothing.

Third, we needed a title. This time I just asked what they thought it should be....they both posted that they couldn't think of anything.

Did I mention this was all happening three days after the start of the assignment and one day before the assignment was due? Yep, true story.

So our prof gave us an extension and the cycle began again.

I posted some more expectations hoping to spark a discussion and mentioned that we had been given an extension. One girl posted that she didn't even know we had missed the due date. I then posted that I had no problem compiling all our information (I mean, after all, I had created everything) but that we just needed a title.  The other girl replied to that very posting asking if there was anything left to be done.

She replied to a posting that mentioned the work that needed to be done by asking what needed to be done.


I emailed my prof and outlined my concerns and frustrations.

Thankfully, I have been given the option to complete this assignment independently. YES!!

It's amazing what passes for "professionalism" these days. Both of these girls are teacher's college graduates which means they are fully qualified to teach children.

Scary thought.

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