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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures in Baby Wrangling

It's been quite a week so far! We have been having adventures left, right and centre...

On Saturday we headed out into the Canadian wilderness to spend the day with my cousin and her 2 children while our husband's golfed (yes, it's golf widow season here in Ontario). My cousin's youngest child was turning one and she was having a party that night. It was nice just to hang out with her all day, even though Avery didn't do to well with her naps and ended up a little cranky by dinnertime.

The adventure part came in around lunchtime. I had put Avery in her bumbo and was preparing her bottle in the kitchen (it's an open concept so I could still see her, no worries!) Jamie was getting lunch ready for her 2 little ones- Jackson, who is 3 1/2 and Kaitlyn, the 1 year old birthday girl. We were chatting a little as we got everything ready and the next thing we knew a little voice piped up and told us that Avery liked raisins!!! Jackson had fed Avery, who is 5 months old a raisin from his plate. The 2 of us rushed over but it was gone, straight down the hatch! She didn't choke, never seemed upset and has lived to tell the tale.

Our second adventure was by far the most exciting..for me! I have been waiting forever and she finally did it. ROLLED OVER! Avery's last nap of the day is always her worst, sometimes she sleeps and sometimes she doesn't. It's usually a fight to get her to go down even though she yawns, rubs her eyes and is obviously tired. So we have started to just leave her in the crib to calm herself and see if that works to help her fall asleep...sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sunday was no because all of a sudden there were some really desperate cries coming through the monitor. When I arrived in her room she was on her stomach! That's right she rolled over, I think she scared herself, and started to cry. We have had a few more since then but it's definitely not a solid skill just yet but you can tell that she wants to keep trying. Love it.

Finally, our third adventure came on Monday while we were grocery shopping. I haven't really been able to find any shoes I like for Avery. My cousin has given me a bunch of shoes her daughter has outgrown but they are all either too big or too warm for our current warm streak! So I figured since it was 23 degrees out Avery didn't really need shoes, or socks to go out shopping. A woman in the grocery store disagreed. She felt the need to tell me this.....from across the produce section...that Avery's feet were cold and I should have put booties on her. That's right ACROSS THE PRODUCE SECTION. She didn't even touch her feet. I just smiled, said she was fine and walked away. Just like my momma taught me.

I am so excited about how big and grown up she is getting. Her little personality is coming out and her new thing is talking to herself while she sits or lies around. She has this little voice and sounds like she is trying to make little sentences. It's so cute and makes me giggle every time.

I like being a mom.

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SB said...

wow she is growing up fast!

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