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Monday, June 27, 2011

I love...

grocery shopping. I admit it, I do. At least I love it when the store isn't packed and all crazy with people. I have started waiting to go grocery shopping in the evenings once my husband is home. As soon as we finish dinner I hit the streets and head off to get some food! My husband does the last bottle, bath and bedtime. Isn't he a great dad? And husband? I love him, too.

There's just something nice about being able to restock your shelves and fridge and know that tomorrow you have almost endless possibilities for dinner. To be honest though, after growing up in my mother's house my pantry is pretty much never empty. Empty for me is only 3-4 cans of each item! LOL

I also really love reusable grocery bags. They fit so much stuff in them. They are easy to carry and I always feel like I am doing good for the world.

What a lovely Monday evening I've had.

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~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe