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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where has the time gone...

Dear Avery,

My little baby is 6 months old today. Six months! When did that happen? It seems as though you have always been a part of our life and I find it hard to believe that I ever lived without you. In just six short months you have become so important in my life.

For a long time I didn't think I wanted to have kids. I thought that maybe teaching them everyday was enough. I now know how wrong I was.

7 1/2 months pregnant

Little baby in a little belly.

Last pregnancy photo...on our way to get induced.

The best part about these past six months has been seeing you grow and change.

You were born so little and perfect. January 9th, 2011.

However, you were not quite as excited as we were!

And pretty soon you were just tired.

 You have developed so much already. I must say that you are probably the happiest baby I have ever met. Right from the start you snuggled into our little family and everyone you met.

We couldn't stop looking at you or taking pictures of you. Believe me, there have been more pictures taken of you in six months of life than probably all my 32 years! 

Gram fell hard and fast! She came to stay with us for the first week you were home and then again during the third week when I wasn't really sure I could do it alone yet. She has been supportive, helpful and loving. Not to mention she'll hold you, feed you, change you, burp you...anything as long as it involves you!

This is Aunt Jenni and Uncle Michael. Aunt Jenni was there when you were born and I've never seen a bigger smile. I'm pretty sure you could get her to do whatever you want.

Oh, and Papa! He drove every weekend to drop Gram off and then pick Gram up when we asked her to come. Plus he had to work up here so that was a few more weekends of driving. And while he was here he might as well spend some time with you. Did I mention that it's 3.5 hours one way and he did every weekend for 5 weeks. That's love. Big time.

Kahne wasn't too sure about you in the beginning but he has since developed a big love for you, especially since we have started solid food. Coincidence? Maybe.

February. Such a beautiful little face.

And your personality started to come out to play. Inquisitive. Curious. Funny.

Look how strong you were! Two months and hold your head up like a champ. And those eyes! They just grabbed my heart and have held on ever since.
March. First smiles.

You have a smile for everyone (only making strange on a few occasions and for just a short period of time). 

Sometimes serious and your whole face changes. Gorgeous.

Little sleeping beauty. You have always been a sleeping champ...straight through the night since 11 weeks. We are so lucky!

April. Kahne might be a little jealous now and then but you get your fair share of kisses too.

What a face! Your daddy is going to be in trouble when you are older.

May. Tummy time with Mom and Dad...getting ready to start rolling over!

You love when we sing "Patty Cake" and "Round the Garden", you giggle every time we play "surprise peekaboo" and just adore when your Daddy arrives home from work. 

You already show a strong liking for TV, just like your Daddy, you play with your toys like a champ and don't mind entertaining yourself. 

You can roll over both ways, sits by yourself and drink from a sippy cup. You have yet to refuse any of the solid foods we have tried and you will fight to keep your frozen grapes in a mesh treat. You burp like a sailor.

June. This is the face of love.

You know your Gram's voice on the phone and you pay attention to her image when we skype. You loves Kahne and take every opportunity you can to pet him when he walks by and then giggle like a maniac when he runs around.

Yummy cereal.

Bath time is a great time.

July 1st, 2011- Canada Day

You have become the center of our whole world. The first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing we think about at night. In my whole life, having you was the best decision I have ever made.

You are the sunshine in all my days.

Six months. Wow.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Fabulous photos and post! My daughter's comment? I am not usually a sucker for babies, but that baby is adorable! And, thank you so much for visiting my daughter's dance blog, you made her day!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Beth, what a sweet memory post. Enjoyed all the photos.

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