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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts About Getting Older...and Maybe Wiser? Who Knows!

Tomorrow I will turn 32 years old. What an unimportant number. Nothing special happens at 32. It's not a big milestone. There are no surprise parties. It's just a random number on the way to.... wherever.

I don't feel 32. I'm not even really sure what 32 is supposed to  feel like? Look like? Meh.

I'm pretty sure I don't look 32 since most people are shocked that I am a teacher, can drive, am allowed in rated R movies...etc. I gather from this I look young? Whatever that's worth. I must say the shock seems to be wearing off slowly. I get carded less at restaurants and the LCBO. Parents don't look as concerned all the time that I have been allowed to teach their children.

And now I have a baby...boy that'll make you grow up fast. Although I must admit that I have always felt like I was one of those people who was/is pretty grown up for their age. Not that I don't enjoy some good imagination or can't have fun with my little ones at school but I can also see the responsibility involved in life without whining about it.

32 years, eh.


That's really all I have to say about that.

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Helen's Book Blog said...

Happy Birthday. I love that you ask "is this what 32 looks/acts like?" I just turned 46 and wonder that all the time. Maybe it's because we work with youth every day, but I forget how old I am since I am in touch with youth fashion, music, language, etc on a daily basis.

I don't look or act 46 (whatever that is supposed to be) and hope that's still true at 85! And, really, I think we define the age we are with who we are. Does that make sense?

Beth said...

Helen, it makes absolute sense although I must admit that there have been moments when I have no idea what the kids are talking about, why they are wearing what they are wearing and THEN I feel very old! LOL

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